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25-50% Tuition Reduction Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships

The Charles Darwin University or CDU is a public university located in Australia. The university serves one the largest student bodies in the country with an estimated number of around 22,000 students. Charles Darwin is one of the most brilliant minds that the world has ever seen and the university was named in contrast to this noble Englishman. The university is part of several elite academic groups such as the Innovative Research Universities; a group of the seven most prominent universities in the country.

Being an educational institution of the highest level, Charles Darwin University believes that the world is filled with bright minds and that these bright minds are often hindered by financial barriers. With that said, the University offers the Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships to international students who show academic excellence and various achievements. These grants for school offer tuition reductions for international students ranging from 25 to 50% in discount. The scholarships are applicable for the full duration of undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

The college education scholarships are exclusive to current international students of CDU only and several more eligibility rules must be followed. First and foremost, the students must display academic excellence and the student must provide sufficient records to back these claims. Should the individual be an incoming student at the university, all the test predating the first semester of the 2019 must be taken and passed which means that the student must hold an offer to study at the university before applying for the grant. The student must not be holding a current scholarship also and must not be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the student must first see to it that all the eligibility rules have been adhered to. After that, the student may now access the application form at The application form must be submitted together with the application for admission to degree programs at Charles Darwin University.

The college education scholarship is very competitive and the recipients of the grants for school will be determined through the student’s academic excellence and potential although everybody who will meet the eligibility requirements will be considered for selection. The decisions may not be swayed or overturned by any form of appeal.

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