£3,000 Engineering Scholarship

Paying and working for tuition when you are in college is never too easy. It exerts a lot of money and effort to provide for the college education. However, if you are eager enough to pursue and finish studies you will do everything and anything just to finish it. Most especially if that is your dream.

Finding online universities that will suit for your need is never easy. Still there are lot of online universities that you can find for you to study and have your dream became reality. You can get different degree program that you can grabbed online. In addition, you can enjoy the said degree program if you can get scholarship.

Choosing a school where you can trust your future is quite hard challenging. You must consider university credibility and academic standing. You need to check as well about their courses they are offering and if they can offer scholarship.

In today’s college education, many courses every online universities can offer. Last 1582, there is a university that was founded and the University of Edinburgh that offers many degree program. The said university produced professionals that are the best and known in the different industry. There are famous persons and group trust and studied on the said university

Since University of Edinburgh wanted to cater professionals that has a big dream and eager to finish their studies, they are offering a scholarship for engineers. School of Engineering International Masters Scholarship is offering scholarship for this coming academic year for 2018 to 2019.

Scholarship have the value of £3, 000 and is deducted from the tuition fees. You can enjoy that scholarship at the same time pursue your dreams. The said scholarship will be awarded to students who are overseas. Students will enjoy full-time basis eligible for postgraduate. Ever thought of getting £3, 000 for you Master’s Degree. You can avail the following:

  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Electronics
  • MSc Electrical Power Engineering
  • MSc Signal Processing and Communications
  • MSc Structural and Fire Safety Engineering
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Systems

For you to be able to get qualify to the engineering scholarship you must be awarded broadly on the highest academic standing which requires first class honor degree from different United Kingdom universities or equivalent school overseas.

Closing date for the degree program will be on 1st of May 2018. Applicants who will be qualified will get notified on July 2018. To get to know more detailed information about the School of Engineering International Masters Scholarship you can check their website

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